Sri Thodeekalam Siva Temple

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Mural Paintings

The temple is enriched with many  mural paintings. The significance of the mural paintings is that, they were painted out of  natural objects like leaves and stones.  There are murals of  Lord Krishna, Pazhassi (King of  Kannur Kottayam), Thacholi Othenan  ( The hero of 'Vadkkan pattukal') and Mathiloor Gurikkal.  The stories of Ramayana and Mahabharatha are also depicted all around sanctum sanctorum. 

 The chuttambalam (the  building around the sanctum sanctorum)  were totally collapsed during the attack of Tipu Sultan. Due to this most of the murals are faded out  and sculptures were broken.  Recently the Archeological department has started the renovation and retouching of mural paintings without disturbing its originality.  The renowned artist KK Marar has played a key role in bringing recognition to this temple. The temple now has a considerable position in the tourist map of  Kerala. 








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